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Explore the Deep with Memphis SCUBA Classes

June 14, 2012

scuba diver

The Dive Shop offers traditional classes and free online courses.

When was the last time you took a real vacation?

For people looking for some unparalleled sightseeing with a hint of thrill, getting dive certified is a fantastic excuse to finally plan your dream excursion.

One of the best places to take Memphis SCUBA classes is The Dive Shop on S. Yates Rd.  They cover all of your diving basics, including complete training for beginners, advanced classes and rental gear for professional and recreational use.  Even for people who are already certified, the shop is a great resource for meeting up with other diving enthusiasts and the instructors for upcoming dive trips, including awesome destinations in the South Pacific and Florida Keys.

They also offer some great free online resources to get started on your certification before you even have to worry about sizing your flippers.

The Dive Shop of Memphis, TN
999 S. Yates
Memphis TN 38119

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