Cut Apartment Utility Bills

October 23, 2012

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. When you save on utility bills, you are also saving energy, conserving water, or in some other way, benefiting the environment.  Here are some win-win ideas from specific to saving energy and water – and cutting utility bills – in your apartment:

    Money-saving ideas.

  • Keep out any drafts by using insulated drapes and putting draft-stoppers in front
    of doors, in window-sills, etc.
  • In an apartment building, as much as 25% of your electric billmay go towards the fridge. Keep its compressor coils clean to ensure your energy bill stays low. Cover your food. Check the fridge’s seal. Fill your fridge with water jugs to keep it full and colder
  • Don’t let a slightly leaky faucet go unrepaired! Call the office at your apartment community and schedule a repair!
  • Use CFL lightbulbs

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