Stay Warm with Record Breaking Lows

February 6, 2014


Stay warm this winter!

Are you feeling cold no matter where you are? You are not alone. The South is known for milder winters, but this winter has had some record breaking low temperatures. Instead of cranking up the heat too high and ending up having a costly electric bill, try some of these tips to stay warm without breaking your wallet.

  1. Have a throw blanket by your couch or where you can easily grab it when you get chilly.
  2. Swap out your bedding for warmer alternatives. Use a big heavy comforter and flannel sheets.
  3. You may not realize it, but there might be tiny cracks in between the doors and walls in your apartment. This makes it easy for cold air to rush into your apartment. Stuff an old rolled up towel at the base of the door or get a draft stopper.
  4. Try putting on a few more layers or even a robe while you are in your apartment.
  5. Drink a hot beverage or take a warm bath.

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