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Update your Apartment’s Outdoor Living Space

September 7, 2017 | ,

Extend your living space!

Summer may be almost over “officially”, but some of the best outdoor weather is yet to come. Your balcony or patio can be an extension of your apartment. Here are five ways to give your outdoor space a subtle but refreshing makeover:

1. Go Green –  Add a few potted or hanging plants to add a touch of color.

2. Think Symmetrically – Symmetry is calming and can make a small space feel bigger. Mix big pieces like chairs with small pieces like pots and side tables.

3. Go Bright – Add a pop of color in the form of bright pillows or a rug.

4. Add Layers of Texture –  Texture can add dimension to a space, create harmony between different elements, or serve as a focal point. Add layered and contrasting textures like a crocheted hammock, rattan hanging chair, or glazed ceramic pots.

5. Let There Be Light – String lights, lanterns, or a stake light in a potted plant.


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