a guy riding a bike

Great Bike Paths in Memphis

July 6, 2012

If you are looking for things to do in Memphis, TN, that are low cost yet family-friendly, then riding bikes might be for you. Biking is easy on your wallet and healthy! The city of Memphis has over 60 miles of official bike paths that can be used for exercise, training, or plain old family fun.

a guy riding a bike

Get biking on these great trails in Memphis.

The most famous path is the Mississippi River Trail. It is a nationally recognized bike path used by tourists and locals. There are six other ‘official tours’ :

  1. Raliegh Frayser
  2. Downtown
  3. North Memphis
  4. Central Memphis
  5. East Memphis
  6. The Perimeter

While many people use these trails to explore Memphis, they are also great for locals to cut down or eliminate the cost of fuel. Eco-minded citizens will find that the friendly nature of Memphis to bike riders is refreshing.

You can ride your bike to many destinations: stores, museums, parks, and any place you need to go!

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