Avoid Apartment Roommate Conflicts

February 7, 2013

To have a roommate or not to have a roommate? Many of us have faced this dilemma in our lives. We all love our freedom and own space, but sometimes being alone can be  … lonely! If you decide that having a roommate is financially and socially the best option for you, then here is some advice to help you make life a little easier. Whether you knew this person before or not, it’s best to have a set of rules or guidelines from the very beginning in order to avoid major conflicts in the future. Sit down and talk about what each of you expects from a roommate, which might range from keeping the apartment clean to being quiet after 10 pm. Here is a list of important ways to help avoid future conflicts:

Good communication with your roommate is "key".

Good communication with your roommate is “key”.

The top priority is to establish good communication between your roommate(s). Establishing good communication from the beginning should result in a happy apartment environment. It also will allow everyone to feel comfortable voicing their opinions.

In addition to communication, honesty is an essential aspect of establishing a good relationship with your roommate. It is best to have everything out in the open. If you break something, then tell your roommate. If you forgot to take out the trash, then tell your roommate. Your roommate will be much happier to hear an “I’m sorry” than to find out the truth later.

It’s also important to remember to be flexible and open. No matter how compatible you are as roommates, situations do come up — it’s just going to happen. Getting angry at every little instance won’t help solve any problems. Nobody is perfect so remember that!

One of the most important things to remember is to try and become friends with your roommate. Try to have a night a week that you do something together. If you both are too busy, always remember to smile and keep open communication.

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