DIY Artwork for your Apartment.

March 1, 2013

Creating your own artwork can seem intimidating, but it shouldn’t be! You know what you like so instead of searching to find it, make it to coordinate with your apartment style. These two affordable art projects will surely be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

Do it yourself!

Do it yourself!

Tape and Paint Art:
1.    Purchase a canvas at your local art store.
2.    Take a roll of masking tape or really any tape for that matter. The thickness is up to you!
3.    Put various pieces of tape from top to bottom and from side to side on the canvas. Make sure the tape has no bubbles and the edges are pressed down.
4.    With however many colors of paint you want to use, color each area. Paint can get on the tape.
5.    Once every area is painted and the paint has dried, carefully remove the tape.
6.    Hang your beautiful and easy-to-make painting on your apartment wall!

Fabric Art
1.    Find some fabric you love, a canvas, some canvas stretchers at a local art store and a staple gun (hardware store). For extremely large pieces, buy a textile wall-hanging kit. Less substantial than a regular frame, it’ll mean less weight on your wall and more money in your wallet.
2.    Find your composition and smooth out the cloth. You may have to iron it, depending on the type of fabric, but stretching it tightly on the frame will remove many of the minor wrinkles.
3.    Staple it to the frame. Start by placing a staple in the center of each side of the frame. Work out toward the corners, adding only a few staples to each side before moving to the next. The corners can be tricky.
4.    Hang your new fabric art on your apartment wall!

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