On the Move? Planning Reduces Stress.

March 21, 2013

Whether you are moving into your first apartment, from one apartment to another, or moving into a home, moving time is considered to be one of life’s major stressors.  Moving takes careful planning, organization, good equipment and tools and the right moving materials.

Planning reduces moving-day stress.

Planning reduces moving-day stress.

Reduce your stress through good organization. Having a written plan or checklist is a smart way to stay organized, as well as having plenty of moving boxes, tape and marking materials before you begin. Write down everything in each room and how you’ll deal with moving it. When doing this, you’ll need to take into consideration the size of your current apartment and compare it to the size of the place you’re moving into.  That can be a tough process, but a necessary one.

Packing is an art form in itself. It takes careful organization ahead of the actual move. Most moving authorities say it’s best to pack one room at a time and mark each box carefully so you know where things are. Heavier items go in the bottom, lighter things on top. Are you moving appliances and furniture? You’ll also want to decide whether you’ll do the packing and loading or whether you want a mover to do those tasks. Professional movers can certainly make life easier.

Once you are all packed up and ready to go, make sure you leave your apartment as you found it. In order to get that security deposit back, you’ll need to put some elbow grease into cleaning your apartment. Before you leave, make sure you arrange to have your utilities and deliveries arrive with you in your new place. Turn off old utilities and turn on new utilities. Also, forward your mail. As soon as you know your new address, fill out the USPS address change form. You may do it online at usps.gov.

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