Maximize apartment bathroom time and space.

April 18, 2013

Let’s face it – the bathroom can be in high demand during that precious hour or so that everyone has to get ready in the morning. Whether morning stress is created by too little time or too little get-ready space, there are ways to provide a more relaxing morning routine.  First, to help ease the morning rush, schedule different times for each person to use the bathroom area to shower and get dressed.  Then – take advantage of every inch of space in your bathroom:

Get organized.

Get organized.

Behind doors and walls: Make use of the bathroom’s vertical space by installing over the door racks and wall grids to hang extra towels or washcloths, jewelry, hair accessories or bathrobes. This will avoid countertop clutter.

Cabinets and drawers: For bathrooms with limited shelves or cabinet space, install a mounted shelf on the wall or above the toilet. If space permits, use a rolling cart or trays or baskets to hold personal toiletries. Use drawer organizers, and assign one to each person for storing personal toiletries and accessories. Utilize shower totes or organizers so each apartment mate can store their toiletries in their bedrooms and carry them to the bathroom when needed.

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