Easy Ways to be Green

May 5, 2013

Going green is easy!

Going green is easy!

Can you believe that over 80% of what is in landfills can be recycled? You may not even think about putting that milk jug in your regular trash can, but think about how many others are doing the same exact thing. Instead, how simple is it to throw it in a recycle bin? Easy enough, right? There are a few small acts that you can do daily to protect our Earth and also keep your apartment community greener:

  • Recycle – Place a cheap bin or bucket near your trash can for cardboard, plastic and paper.
  • Save electricity – Turn off lights and the TV in your apartment. This will save energy and money!
  • Dispose of trash properly – Don’t litter! Dispose of cigarette butts and close trash cans to prevent animals and wind from spreading trash.

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