Keep Your Apartment Cool This Summer

June 8, 2013

Whether you live on the top floor or the ground floor of your apartment community, it can be hard to beat the heat in the summer and keep your energy bill low.
Here are some simple, low-cost ways to save money and keep your apartment nice and cool all summer long.

Stay cool this summer!

Stay cool this summer!

  • If you have one, use the ceiling fan regularly. Fans don’t require any more electricity than light bulbs.
  • Close off unused space. Shut the door to closets, bathrooms, and other rooms that you don’t plan to spend time in.
  • Close blinds and windows. During the day, make sure you close blinds and curtains to keep the sun out of your apartment.
  • Turn off the lights. Keep the lights turned off when you don’t need them — and consider using fluorescent light bulbs, which produce a fraction of the heat.
  • Restrict oven use. Using your stove and oven on hot days can raise the temperature in the kitchen and in other rooms nearby very quickly. Great time to use that outdoor grill!


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