Apartment Closet Clean Out

August 7, 2013

Green and yellow shirts on wooden hangers

In closets, as in life, less is more.

It’s the time of the season:  fall is coming, and winter is around the corner. Are you ready to dress for cooler weather? A closet clean-out clears the decks for the new season and gives even the most frazzled apartment owner a feeling of accomplishment. Clean out your closet at the beginning of every season. Try this “Cut Down” method. Most of us wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. How do you decide how to cut down? Try this … When you wear a garment, put it away on the top of a pile or at one end of your closet. Over a few weeks, the good 20% will be the top 20% of the pile — so remove the bottom ranks to boxes for storage, sale or consignment.

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