Football Party Time

August 12, 2013


Chips and dip: the best and easiest appetizer.

Football season is almost upon us. If you can’t be right where the game is, bring the party to your apartment. That means Saturdays spent cheering on your favorite college team and Sundays sporting the colors of your favorite professional team. Let’s be honest: the best part of the tailgate is the food. Pick a main course and ask your guests to bring their favorite side dishes.  For the beverages, provide water, soft drinks, juices and ice and have the party be BYOB. Keep in mind how much space you have in your apartment to keep guests comfortable. Though you may be interested in one game, consider having televisions on around your apartment, or have more than one TV in the main viewing area. This way, you can keep coverage on of other games for your guests and spread everyone out.

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