Mason Jar Meals

September 22, 2013


Layer your ingredients where the liquid is on the bottom.

Are you looking for an easy, but yummy lunch? Or maybe, you get home from work exhausted, and need a quick, but healthy dinner? Mason jar meals are the way to go! You can put leftovers, office meals, snacks, freezer meals and ready to cook dinners in a mason jar. In this case, the mason jar is a storage vessel, plain and simple!  No canning. No preserving. No boiling. No sterilizing. No sealing.  Just put a lid on it – that’s it!  You can organize your meals and have all the ingredients ready in one place.  Layer a salad for an open-n-eat lunch or add stir-fry ingredients so they are cut-n-ready at 6 pm  to throw in a pan to cook. The sky is the limit and this is a great organization tool for a fast paced lifestyle. Here are some recipes to get you started!

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