Which Pet is Right for Me and My Apartment?

September 10, 2013


Make sure you give your pet plenty of exercise an attention.

Although many people think that when you live in an apartment, you have very few options for pets, that’s really not the case. There are many animals that can live happily in apartments, as long as you know how to properly care for them. Most all MRG apartment communities allow pets, but make sure you ask which pets are allowed before you purchase one.

1. Fish are simple unless maybe you want to start a really big fish tank. The options are pretty much endless as long as you make sure the fish you choose get along with each other. (You don’t want to come home and find one missing…)

2. Reptiles and Amphibians can range from small to large. Just don’t bring a Python into the apartment!

3. Small birds that don’t make a lot of noise are a good option, just not a huge Parrot or Macaw. You probably share a wall with an apartment next door and you don’t want to annoy neighbors with a loud, squawking bird.

4. Small animals (hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs) can be  great apartment pets.

5. Cats are great apartment pets. They don’t require a lot of extra care in terms of training and they are very independent.  Be mindful that they have claws and can scratch furniture, pull on drapes, etc.

6. There are a number of dogs that actually work well in apartments. Just remember that when living in an apartment with a dog, you want to make sure that you maintain a regular routine of outdoor exercise and care.

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