15 Minute Indoor Workout

November 22, 2013


Make sure you stretch after exercising!

Don’t have a gym membership? Many MRG Apartment Communities offer fitness rooms but maybe you want to be able to exercise in the comfort of your own apartment. Don’t think you have space to exercise in your apartment? Fitting in cardio can be difficult, but high-intensity interval workouts can help you burn calories in less time – and less space.

15 Minute Routine
Do each exercise for 60 seconds. Take 10 to 20 seconds of rest between each exercise (longer periods of rest will lengthen the total workout time). Do the entire routine three times through in order to make a 15 minute workout.

High Knees
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Lunges
Lateral Jumps
Cool Down and Stretch

For more information and a video of each exercise, click here. 

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