Entertaining in Small Spaces

November 15, 2013

You love your apartment, but it may pose a few challenges when it comes to entertaining a crowd. Get creative with furniture choices, decor, and layout in order to make it all work come holiday time. Here are some tips and tricks to stretch your apartment space without sacrificing style:
  1. Plenty of light and reflective surfaces help a small space feel more expansive. Decorate with mirrors and metallics and turn on the lights!
  2. Keep your centerpieces tall for drama, but thin so that they don’t take up too room on the table. Think branches in a vase!
  3. Serve your food buffet style to free up tabletop space. No buffet available? Use a TV stand, folding table, or even a desk. Re-purposed furniture is a must in a smaller space.
  4. Open it up! Purchase a small table for everyday use that can expand for larger gatherings. Any old folding table can look beautiful with the addition of a tablecloth.
  5. Don’t be afraid to use your sofa for additional seating – guests will appreciate the comfy and cozy atmosphere it creates. Just make sure your table is low enough to accommodate the sofa height.
  6. Ottomans or a bench from elsewhere in your home can help to keep the room feeling open, while providing even more seating for guests.
  7. A separate table for the kids can be tucked away in any nook or cranny near the main table, plus the little ones will love having their own special spot.

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