Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

February 21, 2014


Three easy words to live by and make a difference.

Have you heard the phrase Reuse, Recycle, Reduce? This phrase goes beyond just recycling. It is a lifestyle change. But an easy one! These principles can be a daily activity and a great way to protect our environment and stimulate our economy. You can help save resources, prevent pollution, support public health, and create jobs. It saves money, avoids landfills, and best of all, it’s easy.

Reuse: Look for the words “postconsumer” or “recycled” when shopping. There are over 5000 recycled-content products available.

Recycle: By recycling materials such as aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass jars, you can save energy and landfill space, conserve natural resources, and also prevent pollution.

Reduce: Turn off the lights when leaving a room. Stop junk mail. Drink tap water instead of bottled water. Think of ways you can reduce every day!

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