Perfect Summer BBQ Host/Hostess Gifts

June 19, 2014


A small plant in a cute pot is the perfect gift!

Have you been invited to an apartment cookout party? Throwing a barbecue for a group of friends can be stressful for the host or hostess who is unlikely to ask guests to contribute to the cost of the party. But you can show your appreciation by bringing a small gift to the event, such as:

  • Grilling items: Grilling utensils, a favorite barbecue sauce or barbecue rub, or smoker wood chips
  • Reading materials: A recipe book or a subscription to a magazine that features cooking tips, or a grilling book.
  • Glassware: New glassware or plasticware
  • Flowers or plants: Houseplants, plant for her balcony, a potted herb or a tomato plant.

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