Tips for Apartment Life with Dogs

August 11, 2014

Shelby Farms Outback

Take a trip to the (Shelby Farms) Outback and enjoy 100 acres of off-leash terrain.

Having a dog in an apartment can present a few challenges, but most dog owners will tell you that the rewards of canine companionship are well worth the extra effort. If you have a dog or are considering getting a dog, here are a few things to keep in mind to help make your life (and your pet’s life!) a little easier:

Socialize: Help your dog adjust to the sights and sounds of an active apartment community by walking him to busy common areas or street corners in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself and your dog to your immediate neighbors so that your pet can become familiar with the people and other pets that he may see regularly. It’s also a good idea to get to know some canine-owning neighbors so that you can care for each another’s dogs in the event of delays in getting home.

Exercise: You’ve heard it before–and for good reason–a tired dog is a happy dog. And what’s good for us is good for our pets as well, so try incorporating a brisk walk or a quick run with your pup into your morning routine. Of course, a trip to a dog park is a great treat for most dogs. If you live in the Midtown area, check out this list of pet-friendly businesses to visit.

Be Neighborly: Always position yourself between your dog and passersby in hallways and other public areas. If you have a dog that needs his space, consider becoming part of the Yellow Dog Project and tying a yellow ribbon to his leash. Is your dog a barker? Keeping him busy indoors helps. Try hiding treats around the house before leaving for the day or leave some new scents on items around your apartment for your pet to discover such as lavender on his bed or a towel that’s been rubbed on a neighbor’s pet. Finally, it probably goes without saying but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a friendly reminder to always pick up your dog’s waste, right? Your neighbors will thank you.


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