Finding Just the Right Temp

December 3, 2014


Are you hot while your roommate is cold?

Do you and your roommates differ in where the thermostat should be set? Adjusting the thermostat every hour will make your heating bill way too expensive. So how can you not bicker, but still be comfortable in your own apartment?

  1. If you are the one who is always cold, invest in a heated blanket or even a heated mattress. Add some flannel sheets or a down comforter to your bed. Wearing socks around your apartment or even to bed will make you significantly warmer. Think warm baths and hot tea.
  2. If you are the hot one, make sure you are not doing any of the above!
  3. To find a compromise with the thermostat, understand there is a huge difference between 62 degrees and 78 degrees. The average setting is 68-70 degrees. Try adjusting the temp each day by increasing or decreasing the setting by two degrees until it’s set at a level you’re both comfortable with.


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