Organize Your Closet

January 23, 2015

Get organized!

Pare down, then organize!

Even when you have large closets, there never seems to be enough space. So get rid of things you don’t need – donate them, hand them down, etc., then better organize what you have left. Here are some tips:

1) Whether you are sharing your apartment closet space with a roommate, spouse, or child, one good way to set boundaries is to incorporate a tower of some sort in the middle – like a shoe rack or stack of drawers. Share the drawers and then assign each side for individual use.

2) Mount a pegboard (but check first with your apartment manager) to hang belts, purses, jewelry, scarves, etc.

3) Hang a mirror in a walk-in closet to create an instant dressing area.

4) Inexpensive canvas hanging shelves get shoes up off the floor and make great use of vertical space.

Just a few small changes can make your closet feel larger and work more efficiently!




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