Making Rover Happy in an Apartment

September 17, 2015

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“Best Friends”

While it can be more challenging to own a dog when you live in an apartment, the benefits of having a four-legged “best friend” as your roommate can far outweigh a few inconveniences. Here are a few tips from Petfinder for making it easier for your pup to adapt to apartment living:

  1. Use positive reinforcement to train your dog to ignore foot traffic coming by your door – reward when he or she is quiet and it will become a habit!
  2. Introduce your dog to other pups in the community – but only if your dog is already socialized! (Watch for body language to be sure the meeting will go well!)
  3. If you’ll be gone long hours, be sure you have a solution for potty training, like pee pads or crating.

Get all the details on these tips here.



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