Tips for Pets in Apartments

December 7, 2015

dog in apartment purchased 2016

Choose the right pet!

Thinking of getting a pet? If you live in an apartment, owning a pet can be a bit of a challenge.  But if you love the company of a furry friend and you consider a few tips, it can be well worth a few minor inconveniences:

1) Do a little research and choose a pet that doesn’t mind being confined to smaller spaces.

2) Consider what floor you live on.  Obviously, being in an apartment where you have close and easy access to take your pet outdoors is ideal.

3) Give your pet ample outside exercise.  You’ll benefit from this as well and your pet will appreciate the opportunity to stretch and run a bit.

4) Always be sure to clean up after your pet. Everyone will appreciate it, especially your neighbors!

Be sure to check  your apartment community’s specific pet policies to be sure you comply. Then enjoy the company of your new best friend!


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