Apartment Cleaning Tips to Hold Down Clutter

January 27, 2016

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Baskets make great storage.

Keeping smaller spaces clean and clutter-free can be a challenge so these apartment cleaning tips from ApartmentTherapy.com are designed to make your apartment “appear” cleaner when company is expected.

1. Clean the Three T’s: Toilets, Tabletops, and Television. What? The television? Yup! Most living rooms are centered around the TV.  The dust that hangs on it, or the Netflix stack and/or DVD box-set pile may be tell-tale signs that rest of apartment is cluttered.  Toilets and tabletops are a bit more self explanatory, but important none the less!

2. Stash with Efficiency:  Are you guilty of tossing clutter in a basket and shoving it in the spare bedroom or closet when company is dropping by? It’s a quick solution, but it can be done with more efficiency.  Have a storage basket for each room.

3. Pet Hair: Even if you have a sparkling clean apartment, if your sofa is covered with a layer of dog or cat fur, it suddenly looks less tidy. Keep a rubber glove or your favorite pet hair busting product on hand to knock it all down in a few sweeps.

4. Dishes Be Gone in Seconds Flat: Put your dishes in your oven. Wait, what? If you pile your dishes in the sink then it looks like you threw them all in there, and you can’t really wash dishes in that manner anyway. Instead, grab a baking sheet and stack like items together and slide them in the oven. They’ll slide right back out, be stacked and ready to be washed when guests leave!

5. Spend 5 Furious Minutes on Your Apartment Everyday:  Let’s say a friend or your mother texts you that she is dropping by your apartment in 20 minutes.  This last apartment cleaning tip is the most important: Instead of spending 5 minutes of fast and furious cleaning only in emergencies, do it daily instead.


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