Kid-Friendly Apartment Living Tips

January 16, 2016

Creating kid-friendly apartment living space suitable for both children and adults can be a challenge.  From selecting sturdy, stain-resistant furniture to using bright colorful decor, parents can explore a variety of options to make an apartment ideal for kids.

Create apartment play spaces.

Open Areas to Play
With little to no access to a back or front yard, kids living in apartments spend a considerable amount of time playing indoors alone or with friends. Decorate your space so that it provides your kids with adequate space to play games on the floor, or move on a ride-on toy through the apartment. For smaller children, provide a space where they can crawl and explore.  Push coffee tables and side tables against the wall.
Storage and organization are the most important factors when creating a kid-friendly apartment. You don’t want clutter in your apartment, but kids want toys and things to play with. Have baskets and bins to put toys in and teach your child at an early age to put toys back in the bins once they are through playing with them. Use floating shelves in their bedrooms to hold items such as stuffed animals, books and picture frames. Paint the shelves with your child’s favorite colors. Use under-the-bed storage solutions for holding seasonal clothing. Hanging shoe racks are ideal for the back of the closet door to keep shoes neatly organized and off the floor.

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