Is Something Bugging You?

August 27, 2016

Like any home, your apartment can be vulnerable to those pesky creatures called bugs.  That’s why it is so important for all MRG residents to properly dispose of trash to reduce the chance that bugs and other critters will find their way into your apartment!  However, since you likely share one or more walls with another apartment, insects can creep in between homes if others aren’t as conscientious as you might be about not leaving dirty dishes or food lying around and/or leaving trash in breezeways, etc.  Here are a few ways to keep bugs away:

pest control

  • Inspect corners and walls to make sure there are no holes that can serve as passages for insects.
  • Take notice when neighbors are moving in or out: Pests may try to invade your space when the next door unit is vacated.
  • Avoid clutter. Remove old magazines and newspapers, keep sinks free of dirty dishes and keep your garage free of junk.  Take your trash out as soon as possible (and dispose of it in the designated place for trash in your apartment community.)

All MRG apartment communities receive regular pest control services but it’s nearly impossible to avoid all pests. Here are a few natural remedies you might consider:

Soap spray.  A bottle with water and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid can be sprayed on pests such as ants and other flying insects.  Soap spray dries out their exoskeleton and kills them.

Borax.  To get rid of roaches, fill an empty squirt bottle with Borax and sprinkle along base boards and corners.

Cucumber slices.  Ants are repelled by cucumbers so cucumber slices work best when placed near cracks or other areas where ants may enter the apartment.

Crushed mint.  Small packets of crushed mint help to repel flies.

Lemon peels: Use lemons in the closet to keep moths from destroying your clothes.

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