Make Your Living Room More Livable

September 13, 2016

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Minimize clutter to create a more livable space.

It’s called a living room for a reason! When you are inside your apartment, that’s where you tend to “live” most of the time. So you may have gotten used to some of the things that make this important space feel overcrowded and less comfortable than it might be. Here are six opportunity areas to focus on to make your living room a bit more livable:

  1. Get rid of visible wires.
  2. Minimize decor, like oversized throw pillows that take up too much space on your couch.
  3. Remove clutter from coffee tables or end tables.
  4. Remove/replace any uncomfortable or unused seating. If it isn’t a great place to sit, it’s wasting space!
  5. Make good use of corners. They can add important space to the overall room.
  6. Create great lighting, with lamps, candles, or even better light bulbs.

Get more details on each of these from this article.

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