Why Make New Year’s Resolutions?

December 31, 2016


New Year, New You?

Making New Year’s resolutions  gets some people energized and motivated while others don’t understand the purpose. New years resolutions, if you follow them, can really serve as a road map for the upcoming year. Whether it is to drink more water, do something crazy, eat healthy food, fall in love, be kinder, live within your means, get a better job, get fit, manage debt, manage stress or recycle … we can all stand to have a goal.

Do we all keep our resolutions?  Realistically and statistically, it doesn’t happen.  So why bother? Maybe we shouldn’t pick January 1 to decide to make a change, but we often find that the start of a new year is a good time to set goals.  Whether or not you decide to make resolutions for 2016, have a Happy New Year!

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