Start the New Year with Renters Insurance

January 18, 2017

Protect yourself with renters insurance.

Covering yourself may cost less than you think.

Of course we can hope that a disaster never occurs but we know by watching the news that fires and other bad things happen daily. If a disaster occurred at your apartment, the structure itself would be covered, but unless you have renters insurance on your belongings, those things would not be covered.

If you think you can’t afford renters insurance, you should know that the average cost in Tennessee and Mississippi is around $18 – $20 per month. Rates in the greater Memphis Metro area may be even less and if you opt for a higher deductible, you can further reduce your monthly premium.

Read  this article for more information on what is and is not typically covered by renters insurance.  Then be sure that not only is your apartment covered, but that your belongings are as well!



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