Get Organized for Summer

June 15, 2017

Simple solution to make your life easier!

School has ended, camps have started, and summer vacation is here. It’s time to head outdoors for an organized outing or to relax on your apartment balcony. Make sure you don’t spend precious moments looking for all the items you’ll need. Get organized with these simple tips”

  • Restock your entryway or laundry area. Flip flops and bathing suits need to make an appearance. Replace coats on coat racks with beach towels. Bins underneath a bench can hold sunblock and bug spray.
  • Make buckets. Buy some matching buckets and stock each with goodies for summer activities. Think sidewalk chalk, bubbles, cards, or a book.
  • Use totebags.  Fill canvas totebags by item (e.g., bathing suits, flip-flops) or by outing (e.g., picnic, swimming).

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