Be a Good Apartment Neighbor

July 17, 2017

Neighborly Tips

Living in an apartment community means you have a ready supply of neighbors and that’s almost always a good thing! Good apartment neighbors can become good friends. They may be resources to pet sit, babysit, or water your plants if you are out of town. Here’s a short list of tips to follow to ensure you are a good neighbor to those living close by:

1) Be mindful that someone lives in an apartment above, below, and/or right next door to you. Loud noise travels, like a blaring stereo or TV, or a party. Be respectful of those around you by keeping loud noise to a minimum, particularly late at night.

2) Dispose of trash properly and regularly. Excess trash, whether in your apartment, on a patio or balcony, or outside your door, will attract unwanted pests and possibly rodents. Summer time can be a particularly challenging time for pest control and this is often a result of trash that hasn’t been disposed of properly.

3) If you have pets, introduce them to your neighbors! Just remember, not everyone is a pet lover. But making the effort to let your pet get to know his or her neighbors may reduce unwanted barking, etc. Most importantly, clean up after your pets and dispose of pet waste as directed by your apartment community.

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