Update your Apartment’s Outdoor Living Space

May 20, 2018


Extend your living space!

Your balcony or patio can be a great extension of your apartment living space. Here are five ways to give your outdoor space a subtle but refreshing makeover:

1. Go Green –  Add a few potted or hanging plants to add a touch of color.

2. Think Symmetrically – Symmetry is calming and can make a small space feel bigger. Mix big pieces like chairs with small pieces like pots and side tables.

3. Go Bright – Add a pop of color in the form of bright pillows or a rug.

4. Add Layers of Texture –  Texture can add dimension to a space, create harmony between different elements, or serve as a focal point. Add layered and contrasting textures like a crocheted hammock, rattan hanging chair, or glazed ceramic pots.

5. Let There Be Light – String lights, lanterns, or a stake light in a potted plant.


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