Finding the Perfect Apartment Christmas Tree

December 11, 2018

Feeling festive, but worried about space and the hassle of getting a Christmas tree into your apartment? Here are some ideas for breaking from the traditional Christmas tree, but still staying in the holiday spirit:

  • Make a tree – Make a Christmas tree out of items you already have, like books, Post-it notes, or assorted sparkly items you don’t know what else to do with.
  • Create a tree wall-hanging –  It will still be a major focal point.  Light a pine or cinnamon scented candle and guests won’t even know the difference!
  • Decorate a smaller plant – Christmas trees are tall, wide, heavy and hard to transport. Try a Christmas cactus, plant, or bonsai.
  • Branch out- Christmas tree stands also sell branches and wreaths. If you can’t have the full tree, go for the miniature version.
  • If you still really want a tree, buy an artificial flat back or corner tree. It takes up less space, and you can store it under your bed.

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