Holiday Moderation Tips

December 14, 2019

Save with LED lightsThe holiday season can be one of overindulging:  over-eating, over-shopping, over-decorating and as a result, over-stressing.  Moderation can be the key to cutting calories, spending, and even energy!  Here are a few ideas:

1) Have a pot-luck holiday dinner.  Let everyone bring a dish – and then take their leftovers home with them so you aren’t tempted to continue eating that fattening holiday fare.

2) Moderate your holiday shopping to save time and money.  Have a big family?  Consider drawing names instead of exchanging with the whole family.

3) Decorating may just be your thing.  And at MRG, you’ll find that a lot of our apartment communities are having great holiday decorating contests (like contests to decorate your doors, patios or balconies) with some terrific prizes.  Check with your property office to find out what may be happening at your apartment community!

And if you are going to add to the holiday spirit with outdoor lighting, you’ll lower your electric bill by using energy-efficient outdoor LED lights, which pull almost 90 percent less power and are several hundred times brighter than traditional lights.


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