Tips for Pets in Apartments

February 11, 2020

Consider adopting from a shelter!

Pets are great companions. If you are thinking about getting pet, consider these tips:

1) Select a pet that is well-suited for apartment living. Get a smaller dog that meets the size limits that your apartment community has, and one that isn’t high energy.

2) Get the scoop on pet rules at your apartment community.

3) Be sure to keep your pet up-to-date on vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, etc.

4) Be a good neighbor by making sure your dog doesn’t bark excessively. And be sure to pick up after your pet when you walk him or her around your apartment community.

5) If you don’t get a dog that is already house trained, be diligent in house training.

6) Give your pet the exercise he/she deserves and needs to be a happy and healthy companion!

7) Adopt a pet in need of a good home from a local shelter, like the Memphis Humane Society!

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