It’s Valentine’s Day: Love Thy Neighbor

February 14, 2020

candy heartsBeing on bad terms with your apartment neighbors can make life frustrating. But taking the time to establish positive connections with your neighbors has numerous benefits. The community will be friendlier, and safer, and the area will be a nicer and more comfortable place to live. Here are 5 tips for how to be more neighborly:

1.    Introduce yourself. Whether you’re new in the neighborhood or new residents have just moved in near your apartment, introduce yourself. Say hello, offer a welcoming gift (the classic homemade pie never fails) and share or ask about the area.
2.    Consider your neighbors’ lifestyles. Get to know your neighbors–what they do for a living, what their schedules might be like, and so on. Sometimes, you can remedy problems before they even start; for example, if they work nights, quiet mornings will be important for them. If they have young children, quiet evenings will be very important to them. Similarly, give them information that will help them be more considerate of your lifestyle.
3.    Be aware of shared walls. In an apartment, you and your neighbors share adjacent living spaces, so position like TVs and speakers – away from partition walls. If you live above someone, consider putting linoleum or rubber matting underneath your appliances to deaden or muffle the noise, and remember that someone downstairs can likely hear you walking around (so minimize how often you wear high heels indoors, for example).
4.    Control your dog. If you have a dog, keep him or her on a leash and make sure to clean up after your pets. If you have a particularly noisy dog, this may become a source of contention for your neighbors. If you have problems controlling your dog’s barking or whining, consider seeking advice from your local vet or a local animal organization.
5.    Practice parking etiquette. When you park your vehicle, be sure not to block anyone’s access, or make them have to pull out of a very tight spot. Be sure to follow the specific parking rules for your community! Don’t over-rev the engine of your car or motorcycle early in the morning or late at night. Avoid slamming your doors or shining your headlights into your neighbor’s windows late at night.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our residents from MRG Apartment Communities!

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