Stay Home, Stay Safe, STAY WELL

April 8, 2020

By now we’ve all heard and seen the “stay home, stay safe” motto. But most of us are also aware that it’s a little more challenging to do  that and maintain good physical AND mental health. We’re going a bit stir crazy, right? Here are a few tips for staying well:

Reduce stress by limiting the amount of news you watch and being sure your sources are reliable ones. Consider also stress-reducing techniques like meditation or yoga. Or start journaling. And be sure you are staying in touch with friends and family, whether by phone, text, video chats, etc.

Eat well, but be sure to minimize trips to the grocery if you can’t order online. To help in limiting trips to the grocery store, purchase foods that last, like beans, rice, pasta, tuna, and frozen vegetables and meats. Not a great cook? Now’s a perfect time to learn and you’ll find a dozen easy recipes here.

Exercise your body. Whatever you do, be sure to maintain the proper 6-foot social distancing guidelines but taking a walk or jog is a great way to clear your mind and get some exercise. Exercising indoors is an option as well. There are tons of You-Tube videos that can provide everything from yoga sessions to how to exercise in small spaces. Just remember that many of your neighbors are at home as well so don’t jump or do other things that will be annoying to those living beside, above or below you!

Exercise your mind.  Work a jigsaw or crossword puzzle. Read a good book. Start a new hobby, like drawing, learning a new language, or cooking!

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