Time for Farm-Fresh Produce

June 15, 2020

image of vegetablesWhether you cook or not, you are probably eating at home a lot more than you used to. So consider making a trip to one of a number of farmers markets for some wonderful, fresh ingredients.  Here’s a list of area farmers markets that are open and some of their guidelines.

Whoever said “everything in moderation” may have seen a pandemic coming. Our moderation these days has to do with limited travel, limited interaction, and limited capacity. While there are lots of mixed messages about who can spread Covid-19, etc., it certainly can’t hurt to take precautions. So whatever you are doing to get back out these days, please stay safe: wear a mask when you may be in close proximity to anyone, maintain appropriate social distancing, and wash those hands. And follow any additional guidelines suggested by the vendors you visit at the farmers markets!

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