Great Apartment Pets

September 13, 2020

Tips for Selecting Apartment Pets

Pets can be great therapy but having a huge, rambunctious dog in an apartment is probably not the best fit. However, there are many pets, including a number of dog breeds, that can be great apartment roomies.  Start the list with fish. Whether it’s a few goldfish or a more exotic collection of tropical fish–watching them swim can be very calming and care is fairly easy. If you tend more toward furry pets, you could consider a guinea pig or hamster if you want a tiny pet requiring a bit less care. Of course many of us think first of cats or dogs when we think of having a pet to keep us company.  If you are or could be a cat person, cats are more independent than dogs and don’t require the kind of exercise most dog breeds will require. If it’s a dog you really want, there are a number of breeds that will be better suited for an apartment– check them out here.  Before you buy or adopt any kind of pet, be sure to review your apartment community’s pet policies for size and weight restrictions and to learn about extra fees associated with having certain pets.


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