Kitchen Fires are Preventable: Remember These Tips

October 8, 2020

You Can Prevent Kitchen Fires!

Cooking fires are a major source of accidental fires in apartment homes. Here are some tips to help you avoid these preventable accidents:

1) Always be in your home when your oven or stove is on and in the kitchen at all times during frying, grilling or broiling food.
2) Keep items that can catch on fire at least three feet away from cooking surfaces. And keep children at least three feet away as well!
3) Never cook while tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
4) To smother a grease fire, use a lid or wet towel or cover with baking soda, turn off the heat source, and if the fire is too large to safely extinguish, evacuate and call the fire department. NEVER pour water on a grease fire.


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