December 20, 2021

“Winterizing” an apartment can be a bit trickier than winterizing a home. As a renter you may not be allowed to make all the necessary adjustments, so be sure to check with your apartment community office as appropriate.

Here are some tips:

  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees.  A blanket will keep you nice and cozy while you watch TV – and will help save on your heating bill!
  • Check all the windows. Are there any cracks in the frames? Do you feel any drafts coming in? Check with your apartment community’s office about whether you can caulk the frames of your exterior doors and windows.
  • Check the weather stripping around the doors and windows. Does it look worn? Are pieces missing? Check with the office to see if you can fix this by picking up some stripping at a local hardware store.
  • Reduce the area that is heated by closing up vents in any rooms that don’t really require a lot of heating, like any bedrooms you don’t use frequently.
  • During any extended periods of below-freezing weather, be sure to open cabinet doors under sinks in both the kitchen and bathrooms to ensure that you are keeping pipes warm. Also allow for a slow drip from both hot and cold faucets.  This will reduce the likelihood of pipes freezing.

These little and inexpensive “fixes” and tips can be very beneficial in the long run.


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