Apartment Gardening

April 26, 2023

Do you think that because you live in an apartment, gardening is not an option for you? Think again! Urban gardening has become quite popular. Of course the major question is WHERE to locate your garden. Following are a few ideas:

  • On a balcony or patio – with window boxes, a trellis, and/or containers.  Check out these ideas from apartmenttherapy.com.
  • Off handrails – hanging soda bottle planters where you can start an herb garden.
  • On walls – using vertical planters.
  • Indoors – for Bonsai gardening or small container gardening near or in windowsills.

Always be sure to ask your apartment manager for permission before you do any kind of gardening that requires putting something on a wall, or putting containers in a common area, etc.  And be respectful of your neighbors when you garden in an area that adjoins their apartment!

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