April Apartment Organization Tips

April 3, 2023

One of the best ways to create an open feel in a smaller space is to keep it organized and clutter- free, which at times can seem difficult. Here are some simple tips to help you organize your apartment:

Get organized!

Get organized!

  • An easy way to store a lot of items in your apartment is to have a TV entertainment center with lots of drawers and shelves. Since they are usually large, make the most of the space it takes up by storing DVDs, CDs, books or video games.
  • Depending on available floor space, a trunk, chest or coffee table ottoman can be good for storage, provide additional seating or be used as a table for pictures or books. Also make use of under the bed. There are specially sized plastic bins that are made thin enough to fit right under the bed, allowing for easy accessibility and freshness when particular items are needed.
  • Cut down on clutter by adding shelving and hanging hooks. These inexpensive items allow for usable wall space in your apartment to be turned into a storage area for day-to-day items like your cell phone, mail, keys, wet towels, or robes.
  • Get a shoe organizer to hang over your closet door, allowing easy access and it will keep them off the floor.
  • Add an additional rod to your closet. This is simply hung from both sides of your original rod by ‘hangers’, allowing for a second row of clothing to be added below the first.

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