Fall Pet Tips

September 11, 2023

Fall is a busy time for everyone. It’s time to put away all of the summer stuff and pull out the blankets and long-sleeve shirts. It is also a time to make sure your pet is safe and happy as the seasonal transitions begin. Remember, animals need to stay warm. If your pet has had a shorter cut for the warmer months, it is time to let it start growing in. If your pet has little or no hair, it’s time to pull out the pet sweaters. Cold weather can lead to arthritis caused by inflamed joints. If your dog or cat is limping, having trouble moving, jumping, or sitting, moving slower than usual, or whimpering when he moves, he may be suffering from seasonal arthritis. Also, make sure there are no drafts near your four-footed friend’s bed and and dry your dog well during cooler days after a bath to prevent chills.

Fall is a great time to take your pet for walks – and maintaining a regular exercise routine to get him out of your apartment at regular intervals is important.  Be sure to respect your neighbors by picking up after your pet!

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