Fall Season is Here

October 23, 2023

Pumpkin spice season is upon us. From football, the return of sweater weather to Halloween, there will be lots to celebrate over the next couple months. We’re kicking things off with some simple tips for how to bring your “fall fever” into your apartment. Here’s how you can prepare your apartment for fall.

1.For Your Bedroom
String lights are a small addition that’ll make any room feel cozy, but we especially love them in a bedroom. Soft light feels romantic and soothing, and as the days begin to get shorter again, string lights can help create a fall sanctuary in your apartment. Another way to bring fall into your bedroom is to add some extra throw blankets or comforters to your bedspread for a comfy, textured look. Once the temperature begins to dip, you’ll appreciate the extra insulation.

2.For Your Living Room
Another tip to prepare your apartment for fall: Embrace the colors of the season. This works especially well in a living room, although it can be applied to any room in your apartment. Emulate the colors of changing leaves by decorating with bold reds, burnt coppers, and vibrant mustard hues. Whether you opt for apple-colored hand towels or some special burgundy throw pillows on the couch, showcasing fall’s warm, rich tones is an easy way to bring some of that much-loved autumnal spirit into your home.
Scented fall candles are another wonderful way to kick off the fall season in your home. It’s easy to find candles in scents like apple pie or pumpkin spice, which will give your home a comfy feeling.

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