Let’s make new candles!

January 17, 2024

Whether in your living room, bathroom or kitchen, there is nothing better than the comfort and smell of a good candle to brighten your apartment. But what happens when the candle is too short to burn or the wick has disappeared, and you still have plenty of wax left over? Do you just throw it away? No! Here are a few ideas for recycling old candle wax and making new candles from it by melting them down.

The Stovetop Method
To melt a candle that is already in a glass container, simply place the glass container into a pot of water on your stove. Water should reach no more than halfway up the glass sides. Heat the glass container in the water over a medium heat until the wax is pourable. For safety purposes, always stay close.
Once the wax becomes a liquid, designate labeled containers or storage bags for your candle scraps. Store similar scents together and melt when you have enough to make another candle.
Use small glass containers, plastic storage containers, empty glass jars, or even juice glasses or teacups as molds for your new candles.
Colors and Smells
In order to create multicolored candles, melt different colors separately then pouring into molds or containers in layers. If you want to create custom scents of your own, you can combine complimentary aromas. Vanilla will mix nicely with any fruit or spice scent. Also cinnamon and apple is a great combination!
Candle wicks, in several different forms, can be purchased from your local craft store. Or use a birthday cake candle as the wick. Simply pour your melted wax a glass container, allow it to cool a bit, then insert the birthday cake candle down into the middle of the melted wax. Allow it to cool completely.

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